Is Salesforce a Good Career Option?

Is Salesforce a Good Career Option?

Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform and has been ranked #1 in CRM Market Share for Eighth Consecutive Year. Salesforce software is so successful that the company has posted an average year-on-year growth of 25% for the past four years and has ambitious plans to double its growth over the next four.

Both small and large businesses, including many Fortune 500 companies, prefer Salesforce over other CRM software due to its varied and customizable benefits. Moreover, over 100,000 world’s top-notch companies use Salesforce to maintain their customer base. This is the reason why Salesforce talents are in great demand. According to recent statistics, it is estimated that around 3.3 million new Salesforce jobs will be posted in 2022.

Salesforce is so successful and growing that the demand for Salesforce talents is outpacing the supply. As a result, Salesforce technical roles are in high demand. Hundreds of thousands of businesses depend on Salesforce to run their marketing, sales, service, and operations. The opportunities are massive. Especially, roles like Admin, App Builder, Developer, Consultant, and Architect are very demanding and lucrative for talents.

Do you need a technical background or college degree to become a Salesforce talent? Absolutely no. Regardless of age or previous occupation, there is always the possibility to land on a lucrative Salesforce career with some commitment, dedication, and hard work. Salesforce workforce has countless examples of self-taught developers or career switchers from diverse occupations and backgrounds.

Landing on a Salesforce career in as little as six months to one year is not an exception. Anyone can fast track and boost a Salesforce career by getting intense Salesforce Bootcamp training or taking Salesforce’s Trailhead training. Supporting this training and knowledge with highly credited Salesforce certifications will open new unbelievable doors to Salesforce enthusiasts.

In addition to this, if you have a background in programming, analytics, sales, etc., you can do a headstart to a Salesforce career with a great foundation. Salesforce is a low code software system on the cloud, and there are always great overlapping experience opportunities for coders, data analytics, business analysts, DevOps, sales, marketing, and finance engineers.

If you seek a lucrative career, remote work possibility, career growth trajectory, stability, collaborative culture, and massive training opportunity, then Salesforce should be your next career option.

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